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Photograph courtesy of Robert Mitchell


                       Ruth Bell - Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals

Like many musicians, Ruth gets a buzz from an appreciative audience when she performs. Picking out melodies on the piano whilst very young, her second love came later in the form of a guitar, and with these to hand, entertaining those around her seemed natural. By her thirties a blossoming talent for song-writing was interwoven with her growing musicianship. Combined with a passion for dance and honed through training as a movement teacher – these skills were recognised and used when Ruth joined her first dance band in the Lake District. This was followed by ‘Eggs’ which featured original material, instrumental guitar pieces and songs.

Returning to her roots in Lincolnshire, Ruth has focussed on crafting her songs and weaving the lyrics through her music. During the pandemic, making the most of Bernie's Australian connections, her original work is reaching a much wider audience. Peter Howell, double bass player of international renown, has taken on the task of engineering Ruth's songs and guitar instrumentals, involving other musicians. The songs have taken on another dimension and continue to grow and change under Pete's vigilant charge. 

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